Thursday, January 20, 2011


Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been posting on other people's blogs and what not! (Or on my own!)

I just got into a more relaxed situation today!

So I am officially activated in my Sorority!
This is awesome BTW! I love the girls and I am now allowed to be a bigger part in the group.

Someone asked which one, and I don't want to totally throw my identity on the internet because I have already told you I am going to NIU! So sorry buddy!

It is a secret!

I am putting a down payment on a town house with four other people tomorrow so that is also exciting!

In other news I noticed one of you is now a ChaCha employee! And congrats! I am so proud! I hope you love it as much as I do!

I have sorority dues coming up and rent so I am doing 320 questions a day right now! I may push for more later but that will cover my expenses right now.

I'll write a better one tomorrow! ChaCha!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Back at School

Sorry I haven't posted in a while!

I was in the process of moving back into my dorm! Classes start back tomorrow!

And my activation into my sorority is tonight so I have been doing spa like treatments all day to look my best!

As for Technology have you guys heard of Xbox Live rewards?

If you own an Xbox and have Xbox live you know what Microsoft points are! To get free ones from Microsoft sign up here and take surveys!


Saturday, January 15, 2011


Alright lets teach you more about ChaCha!

(Go to the first ChaCha post to get my email to sign up under if that is what you so choose!)

1. I tried to take my final quiz and it would not work. 
This happens....a lot. Try clearing out your cookies and cache and make sure your browser allows pop ups as that is how the test comes up.

Also prepare to wait.

Yeah it sounds awful but I had to wait an hour before my test started. My brother 10 mins. My boyfriend 0 mins. My best friend one week.

I have no clue what is wrong with it but sometimes it takes it's sweet ol' time to start. IT WILL start just wait.

2. Do you like to get paid with points or cash? 
I do both! Points is a commitment though. It is only worth it if you start at the 1st of the month and get into the top 25 point earners of the month!

You get 2 cents per question or 2 points. One point is worth between .005-.007. That means one question in points is worth .01-.014  That is less than 2 cents...unless...

If you make it in the top 25 point earners your points are doubled!
That means your .005-.007 is.... .01-.014 which means every question is worth .02-.028.
But it is a contest, be ready to work EVERYDAY to make sure your in the top 25.
If you want the safe route just do money!

3.Ways to be paid.
There are 2 ways to be paid.

Pay me monthly- You get paid once a month as long as you make $150 dollars, it is directly deposited in your own bank account.

Pay ME NOW!- You get paid whenever you want but it costs $2 to get your money out, and you have to have an bank account with the First Internet Bank of Indiana.

That is about all I can think of...

Friday, January 14, 2011

ChaCha4 (There is no end!)

Ok more ChaCha! Because there are so many questions! Alright here we go!

1. jesus, youre fast then. 300+ questions in an hour is like 20 seconds on each question. i did the quiz, although its my first time, it took me a minute or two for each one.

Yep! It starts out that way but don't worry! You will get faster and more efficient as you get used to the program. ALSO I will make a blog tomorrow about the firefox addons I use to be more efficient. One that saves me A LOT of time is Clippings. I use it to add in an answer I get a lot.

Like.. Is so and so gay?
I use quick keys on my computer to put in...
I'm sorry I can't tell! ChaCha's gay-dar isn't working at the moment. Do you have another question for us?

That took me less than 2 seconds to do! I just press Ctrl Alt V then Z and that autofills the screen.
EASY! Some Q's I take 2-8 seconds on. Don't worry!

2. Are the majority of your answers either the PAQ or custom answer? i find the "quick answer" thing to take long sometimes. also rephrasing and re-searching a question for a better PAQ can take a while. 
I tend to use PAQs more, and using ChaCha crystal ball for the "Does he like me?" and so on. PAQs are easy to sift through if your skim them. Once you skim through and think its right then I read it to make sure I'm sending out the right thing. Just keep trying. You WILL become faster. And realize you DON'T have to look anything up!  That is not your job. If there is not a PAQ or a quick custom answer SEND IT ON! You still get paid and you can send on 59% of all Q's you get on with out penalty!


3.I'm about to take the last test any tips? Also I signed up before you put the right email sorry :( 
 Ok here it is... READ PAQ's carefully! And if you can't find the answer in the PAQs or it isn't made for a custom clean up the grammar and..SEND IT ON! My friend sent on 6 of her 10 quiz questions and made it because that was the right choice!

And it is ok! Thanks anyway and I hope it works out for you.

4. my first question would be: you make 507 a month and how much work is put into er? 

I made 507 a month because I WORKED for it. You may make 30 dollars because you don't work that much.

How much work do I put into it?
For the $507 I worked everyday for at least an hour. (Thats a lie...I just remembered I skipped a few days...) But some days I worked for 7 hours. I watched netflix the entire time! So I had fun while doing it!
My money Below! :D

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Maybe I should change my blog to be all about ChaCha! haha!

Ok so I got a few more questions and I would like to clear some things up!

1. So all I have to do is register on the site and I have a chance of getting hired?
         Yes and no! So you register and they will give you a times available "quiz" I just clicked them all because I work whenever. So if you click stuff they need (go with all if you think you would work whenever, like say you can't sleep and it's 3 am or something) they bring you to the next thing. They put info for you to read then you take a really easy test about it and other easy stuff that having up helps.

After passing that (too easy!) You will have to watch about an hourish of training videos. These will teach you about everything you need to know to be a guide!

After that you take one final big test! This test is whether or not you become a guide or not!

(Pretty easy! I timed out of one on a ten question test and passed! As long as you payed attention to the videos your good!)

After all that (Can be completed in one day or more) now you wait! Between 1-3 days you should receive an email saying YAY! Or...nahhh...

But don't stress it is easy!

2. What are the specifications besides having a working computer?
         You must be 18 or older, your own computer, fast internet, and the ability to type well with good grammer.
I think you can manage!

3. What do you mean by "Guide Handle Shaffer"?
      My ChaCha guide name is Shaffer. I was wrong when I stated to use that. There is a part where it says

ChaCha Guide Referral Email Address
please put in

Not Shaffer! Nice catch thank you!


4.I researched it, and found that you only make around 40 cents an hour, how do you make so much more money, referrals?

NOT TRUE. 40 cents would be 20 questions which I do 300+ questions an hour EASY. So nope.
Referrals make me squat compared I made $9 off of my refferals this month compared to the whole $507 that is nothing.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011


More questions about ChaCha!

Ok the last post was a quick overview of what ChaCha was and how to apply. Now you've asked the good questions!

1. Do you have to be at your computer at certain times to answer questions?
                    NO! You set your own schedule at ChaCha! At the beginning of the month I even worked over night...and I mean overnight from 8pm-8am! I did this because of a contest ChaCha was holding! And to tell you the truth... I haven't worked for over a week! I have been bumming around!
So you work how many hours you want. If you want to work a normal work week you can, if you want to work once a week for an hour, you can do it! Or if you want to work one day a month...well go ahead you over achiever!

So simply work as much or as little as you want.

2. Do you get paid hourly, or for each question?
                  By each question. There is a few different jobs or "roles" at ChaCha. My job is quick and easy. I just send quick answers or send a question on to someone who can answer it better (a specialist!), I get paid 2 cents per question. Now yes I realize this isn't the bets pay ever but if you keep in mind that ChaCha has many contests or "overtime" I put overtime in quotes because sometimes when not enough people are on answering questions (because we pick our own hours) they will give certain incentives for us to get on. Like being apart of a $500 pot or something else.

For beginners that aren't used to the program you may only start off at $3.00-$4.00 an hour just because you need to learn how to do your job. I have gotten $6.00 an hour on a good traffic (a lot of questions coming in).

But then you add in contest payouts and "overtime" (aka pots of money to be shared between guides) and I have made over $9.00 an hour!

Why that may not make all of you gasp just realize this. I was on my butt just like you are now with my TV series in the background making money.

And why this may seem like an add placement this is the honest truth... I buy TV series box sets for like $15 on amazon and then watch them while working. I see it as they make me more money like an investment. I want to watch the show so I sit down and work. My first one I did was ....        
<------------------Desperate Housewives!

BUT ANYWAY back to my Q &A

3. Is answering as simple as doing a quick Google search?
               Well for my is even easier! I am not required to look up anything! I can see previously answered questions and I can send that answer, or if it does require a google search I send it on to the Specialist job. (They make 10 cents per question)

" I would like to have a job working at ChaCha but I'm not that smart"
                        WHAT! Don't say that! I mean I am one smart cookie don't get me wrong but it really is an easy and fun job!

ALSO I may get 2 cents per question but it takes me SECONDS to answer like in the 2-10 second area. Specialists get 10 cents and they look for over a minute on most. SO both jobs tend to even out in the end!

So pick a job you like, if your a great Google user you may want to go with Specialist! Or vice versa!

Leave any Q's you have in the comments! ChaCha!


So I can't sleep and someone asked me to talk about my ChaCha job.
And some of you just posted about ChaCha in general...
So yes! I work for ChaCha for those of you who don't know what it is try it out real quick!

It is 100% free and the only charge is if you don't have a texting plan! I have unlimited therefore it is 110% free!

Text any question to 242-242 and they text back an answer!

....(waiting for you to try it).....

Awesome huh? Well my job is to type out that answer you get and send it to you using my computer!
I enjoy it more than you can imagine! I sit down and I watch my shows, at this moment it is Weeds: Season Six! (SO GOOD) But I pretty much make money while sitting on my butt!

This month I have made $507.00. It is an amazing opportunity!

If your interested go to   and when signing up if you are so kind pleaseput in my email where is says ChaCha Guide Referral Email Address

my email is ::

It just gives me a bonus for signing on guides!

I got hired within 3 days and have almost doing it for a year!

Post any questions down below and I will answer in a future blog!

And to the person who says there is no girls on the internet, I feel bad for you, you must have been tricked several times into chatting with a 40 yr old dude!

Also...GO NIU!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


The point of this blog is to share my experiences of being a tech savvy woman myself.

My life seems to run around technology now, from working online for a company called ChaCha that answers questions straight from your phone, to playing on my Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3 when I want to have some fun.

Even though I met my now fiance in school, I really didn't get to know him until we started talking online using AIM.

Here I will discuss the topics of my job, hints and tips with your electronics to get the most out of them, and just discuss my everyday life of being a 20 year old sorority girl, going to school full time.

Hope you enjoy.