Wednesday, January 12, 2011


More questions about ChaCha!

Ok the last post was a quick overview of what ChaCha was and how to apply. Now you've asked the good questions!

1. Do you have to be at your computer at certain times to answer questions?
                    NO! You set your own schedule at ChaCha! At the beginning of the month I even worked over night...and I mean overnight from 8pm-8am! I did this because of a contest ChaCha was holding! And to tell you the truth... I haven't worked for over a week! I have been bumming around!
So you work how many hours you want. If you want to work a normal work week you can, if you want to work once a week for an hour, you can do it! Or if you want to work one day a month...well go ahead you over achiever!

So simply work as much or as little as you want.

2. Do you get paid hourly, or for each question?
                  By each question. There is a few different jobs or "roles" at ChaCha. My job is quick and easy. I just send quick answers or send a question on to someone who can answer it better (a specialist!), I get paid 2 cents per question. Now yes I realize this isn't the bets pay ever but if you keep in mind that ChaCha has many contests or "overtime" I put overtime in quotes because sometimes when not enough people are on answering questions (because we pick our own hours) they will give certain incentives for us to get on. Like being apart of a $500 pot or something else.

For beginners that aren't used to the program you may only start off at $3.00-$4.00 an hour just because you need to learn how to do your job. I have gotten $6.00 an hour on a good traffic (a lot of questions coming in).

But then you add in contest payouts and "overtime" (aka pots of money to be shared between guides) and I have made over $9.00 an hour!

Why that may not make all of you gasp just realize this. I was on my butt just like you are now with my TV series in the background making money.

And why this may seem like an add placement this is the honest truth... I buy TV series box sets for like $15 on amazon and then watch them while working. I see it as they make me more money like an investment. I want to watch the show so I sit down and work. My first one I did was ....        
<------------------Desperate Housewives!

BUT ANYWAY back to my Q &A

3. Is answering as simple as doing a quick Google search?
               Well for my is even easier! I am not required to look up anything! I can see previously answered questions and I can send that answer, or if it does require a google search I send it on to the Specialist job. (They make 10 cents per question)

" I would like to have a job working at ChaCha but I'm not that smart"
                        WHAT! Don't say that! I mean I am one smart cookie don't get me wrong but it really is an easy and fun job!

ALSO I may get 2 cents per question but it takes me SECONDS to answer like in the 2-10 second area. Specialists get 10 cents and they look for over a minute on most. SO both jobs tend to even out in the end!

So pick a job you like, if your a great Google user you may want to go with Specialist! Or vice versa!

Leave any Q's you have in the comments! ChaCha!


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  3. Thanks for the info, my friend has been looking for a 2nd job. Maybe I can recommend him this!

  4. I'll have to check it out!

    Don't forget to check and support often your local information hot-spot!

  5. Maybe I should consider getting a job at Chacha. Sounds pretty neat from what I've heard so far!

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