Wednesday, January 12, 2011


So I can't sleep and someone asked me to talk about my ChaCha job.
And some of you just posted about ChaCha in general...
So yes! I work for ChaCha for those of you who don't know what it is try it out real quick!

It is 100% free and the only charge is if you don't have a texting plan! I have unlimited therefore it is 110% free!

Text any question to 242-242 and they text back an answer!

....(waiting for you to try it).....

Awesome huh? Well my job is to type out that answer you get and send it to you using my computer!
I enjoy it more than you can imagine! I sit down and I watch my shows, at this moment it is Weeds: Season Six! (SO GOOD) But I pretty much make money while sitting on my butt!

This month I have made $507.00. It is an amazing opportunity!

If your interested go to   and when signing up if you are so kind pleaseput in my email where is says ChaCha Guide Referral Email Address

my email is ::

It just gives me a bonus for signing on guides!

I got hired within 3 days and have almost doing it for a year!

Post any questions down below and I will answer in a future blog!

And to the person who says there is no girls on the internet, I feel bad for you, you must have been tricked several times into chatting with a 40 yr old dude!

Also...GO NIU!


  1. Therez are no girlz on the internetz!
    =P, kidding aside, I would like to have a job working at ChaCha but I'm not that smart.

  2. Wow... getting paid to answer a quick question? I'm gonna sign up under your link. I have some questions though.

    Do you have to be at your computer at certain given times? Do you get paid hourly, or for each question? Is answering as simple as doing a quick Google search?


  3. Whenever I use ChaCha I get shitty answers back, might as well sign up to improve it a little bit. Also, how many hours do you work daily?

  4. @s1n1337

    Whatever I want. I never work the same hours, I'd get bored. Usually 3pm-11pm are the best times to work though!

  5. I researched it, and found that you only make around 40 cents an hour, how do you make so much more money, referrals?

  6. 40 cents an hour? I have no clue where you are getting your facts but 40 cents would be 20 questions per hour for me. I can do so fast your head would spin.

    I don't make very much on referrals at all I made $9 on referrals this month so no way.

    I'll post proof next post.

  7. Hi, person who says there are no girls on the internet here, so all I have to do is register on the site and I have a chance of getting hired? What are the specifications besides having a working computer? and what do you mean by "Guide Handle Shaffer"?