Thursday, January 13, 2011


Maybe I should change my blog to be all about ChaCha! haha!

Ok so I got a few more questions and I would like to clear some things up!

1. So all I have to do is register on the site and I have a chance of getting hired?
         Yes and no! So you register and they will give you a times available "quiz" I just clicked them all because I work whenever. So if you click stuff they need (go with all if you think you would work whenever, like say you can't sleep and it's 3 am or something) they bring you to the next thing. They put info for you to read then you take a really easy test about it and other easy stuff that having up helps.

After passing that (too easy!) You will have to watch about an hourish of training videos. These will teach you about everything you need to know to be a guide!

After that you take one final big test! This test is whether or not you become a guide or not!

(Pretty easy! I timed out of one on a ten question test and passed! As long as you payed attention to the videos your good!)

After all that (Can be completed in one day or more) now you wait! Between 1-3 days you should receive an email saying YAY! Or...nahhh...

But don't stress it is easy!

2. What are the specifications besides having a working computer?
         You must be 18 or older, your own computer, fast internet, and the ability to type well with good grammer.
I think you can manage!

3. What do you mean by "Guide Handle Shaffer"?
      My ChaCha guide name is Shaffer. I was wrong when I stated to use that. There is a part where it says

ChaCha Guide Referral Email Address
please put in

Not Shaffer! Nice catch thank you!


4.I researched it, and found that you only make around 40 cents an hour, how do you make so much more money, referrals?

NOT TRUE. 40 cents would be 20 questions which I do 300+ questions an hour EASY. So nope.
Referrals make me squat compared I made $9 off of my refferals this month compared to the whole $507 that is nothing.



  1. I just signed up. Hope it works out

  2. That is some decent money right there, also what happens when someone sends like a joke question like "I got aidz from a chicken Wut do" are you aloud to play along with the joke or can you only be all serious.

  3. jesus, youre fast then. 300+ questions in an hour is like 20 seconds on each question. i did the quiz, although its my first time, it took me a minute or two for each one.

    i got a question.

    are the majority of your answers either the PAQ or custom answer? i find the "quick answer" thing to take long sometimes. also rephrasing and re-searching a question for a better PAQ can take a while.

  4. It's a shame I live in England, I can't use ChaCha D:

  5. Thank you. You've answered my questions. I'll give it a try.

  6. I'm about to take the last test any tips? Also I signed up before you put the right email sorry :(

  7. my first question would be: you make 507 amonth and how much work is put into er?