Friday, January 14, 2011

ChaCha4 (There is no end!)

Ok more ChaCha! Because there are so many questions! Alright here we go!

1. jesus, youre fast then. 300+ questions in an hour is like 20 seconds on each question. i did the quiz, although its my first time, it took me a minute or two for each one.

Yep! It starts out that way but don't worry! You will get faster and more efficient as you get used to the program. ALSO I will make a blog tomorrow about the firefox addons I use to be more efficient. One that saves me A LOT of time is Clippings. I use it to add in an answer I get a lot.

Like.. Is so and so gay?
I use quick keys on my computer to put in...
I'm sorry I can't tell! ChaCha's gay-dar isn't working at the moment. Do you have another question for us?

That took me less than 2 seconds to do! I just press Ctrl Alt V then Z and that autofills the screen.
EASY! Some Q's I take 2-8 seconds on. Don't worry!

2. Are the majority of your answers either the PAQ or custom answer? i find the "quick answer" thing to take long sometimes. also rephrasing and re-searching a question for a better PAQ can take a while. 
I tend to use PAQs more, and using ChaCha crystal ball for the "Does he like me?" and so on. PAQs are easy to sift through if your skim them. Once you skim through and think its right then I read it to make sure I'm sending out the right thing. Just keep trying. You WILL become faster. And realize you DON'T have to look anything up!  That is not your job. If there is not a PAQ or a quick custom answer SEND IT ON! You still get paid and you can send on 59% of all Q's you get on with out penalty!


3.I'm about to take the last test any tips? Also I signed up before you put the right email sorry :( 
 Ok here it is... READ PAQ's carefully! And if you can't find the answer in the PAQs or it isn't made for a custom clean up the grammar and..SEND IT ON! My friend sent on 6 of her 10 quiz questions and made it because that was the right choice!

And it is ok! Thanks anyway and I hope it works out for you.

4. my first question would be: you make 507 a month and how much work is put into er? 

I made 507 a month because I WORKED for it. You may make 30 dollars because you don't work that much.

How much work do I put into it?
For the $507 I worked everyday for at least an hour. (Thats a lie...I just remembered I skipped a few days...) But some days I worked for 7 hours. I watched netflix the entire time! So I had fun while doing it!
My money Below! :D


  1. Great post, I might have to start cha-cha-ing (?) lol

  2. I tried to take my final quiz and it would not work.

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